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Session 2
  • Large treasure chest with black dragon rune was found
  • After spending the night in the ruins of Shangrala, the party was attacked by a large group of enemies
  • Britney spotted a hole in the wall which was bashed by James and allowed the party to escape.
  • Everyone eventually escapes from the ruins that start to collapse, treasure chest is left behind
  • James goes back to find the girl while everyone else goes back after the treasure chest.
  • Still unable to open the chest, the party decides to bury it and come back for it later.
  • Meanwhile, Brandon and James follow large tracks that lead through the ruins. Brandon discovers that they belong to a Hill Giant.
  • James and Brandon head back to the rest of the party to tell them about the tracks.
  • The party then decides to head into the nearest town to rest and recover supplies before going after the giants
  • It is suspected that the giants might know what happened to the little girl who has yet to be found.
Session 1

The party started in the small city of Nesterroth which is located on the outskirts of the marshland. Here, the city was attacked by goblins that had been forced out of their home from something within the marshlands. Nethil Cantrip, a cleric and also the uncle of Velia, appeared and aided the party. After talking amongst each other, the adventures were all convinced to go out on a search for a child that had been kidnapped by the goblins. From here they traveled to the marshlands where a goblin was spotted entering the ruins of an old, major trade city known as Shangrala. The party entered and instantly ran into an ogre.

  • Nethil the cleric disappeared
  • Both Phil and Jacob’s characters were badly injured by
  • Phil’s character died when someone tried to heal him due to the black curse
  • Brandon’s character went into a different room and encountered a spider which he convinced to join him due to his devotion to Loth.
  • Brandon’s character “tamed” two spiders that helped him defeat a group of goblins that he ran into
  • Brandon’s character then made a deal with his deity to rez Jacob and his wolf which then turned the spiders into enemies in which he was forced to attack them
  • Despite Phil’s character (dying?), Jacob’s character wishes to find and kill the black dragons
  • James picked up 3 gold 1 potion ( cure light wounds )

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